We would like to welcome Pastor Naomi Stout! 

Office hours and contact information will be coming soon

Heritage Lutheran Church, Brandon, SD is seeking an accompanist/music leader for Sunday morning worship.  Duties also include directing adult and children's choir and coordinating special music.  If interested, please email heritagelutheran@gmail.com or call (605) 582-7777 for more information.

Council members: 

JoAnn Presler - President

Judy Fox - Treasurer

Lisa VandeVoort - Secretary

Art Ehde - Benevolence & Missions

Mary Dybdahl - Children’s/Youth Ministries

Mike Nitz - Worship & Adult Ministries

Don Oberlander - Facilities

Nancy Boyle - Stewardship

Dan Hindbjorgen - Care & Community 

Administrative Assistant: 

Keturah Baker 

Office hours Mondays and Wednesdays

12:00 – 2:30 PM

Feel free to reach any of the above staff by emailing heritagelutheran@gmail.com